Learning Types



Visual Learner use strong visual associations. Often use lists to organize life and thoughts. When spelling recognize words by how they look. Remember faces but forget names usually learn best by associating pictures with the words or concepts being used. benefit when visuals are used as part of a lecture(whiteboard, transparencies, powerpoint, films, videos, maps, charts, posters, graphs, etc).



Learn by listening to verbal instructions, remember by forming the sounds of words. Find it easy to remember names but forget faces. Often do well working out solutions or problems by talking them out. In most circumstances need to hear, say it in order to effectively commit to memory. Reading aloud instead of reading silently, talking to yourself, or repeating instructions to make sure understand them.



Learn by becoming physically involved and actually doing something with what’s being learned. ”Hands–on” activity is needed to grasp the learning! ”Being on the move” helps memory to work.